Who We Are

The mission of the CLPMR is to defend the rights of tenants in the Plateau Mont-Royal and promote the development of social housing as an alternative to the private rental market. The CLPMR receives financial support from Centraide, among other sources. 

The CLPMR’s territory is limited to the geographical confines of the Greater Plateau area, encompassing the neighbourhoods of Jeanne-Mance, Mile-End and De Lorimier. 

Despite the popular perception of the Plateau Mont-Royal as a well-off borough, socio-demographic data reveal that behind the chic boutiques and condominiums under construction hides the truth that one-third of the borough’s residents experience poverty and exclusion. 72% of Plateau Mont-Royal households rent, which, as the borough gentrifies, exposes them to a variety of problems and even violence: evictions, abusive rent increases, harassment with the goal of forcing them out, unsafe living conditions, etc. 

The Comité logement du Plateau Mont-Royal offers: 

  • Information on your rights and recourse through one-on-one meetings, telephone calls, or email. All of our services are offered free of charge!
  • Popular education workshops on social housing, landlord repossessions and evictions, rent increases, bedbugs, gentrification and Airbnb.
  • A place-based approach for tenants with the same landlord experiencing housing issues (safety and hygiene, mass evictions, abusive rent increases, etc.).
  • Actions/demonstrations to advocate for tenants’ rights and demand social housing and better regulation for the private rental market.
  •  Mobilization to construct social housing.
  • Efforts to raise public awareness about issues, realities and concerns shared by tenants.
  •  Political pressure to improve the living conditions of the neighbourhood’s most vulnerable individuals and tenants. 

Our Values 

The fight against social and financial inequality, solidarity, people’s empowerment over their present and future, gender equality, participatory democracy, dignity, and respect for all people.