Associative Life

The CLPMR’s associative life includes multiple activities to provide its members with opportunities to discuss, reflect and debate among themselves. Our primary objective is to increase member participation in activities and foster their integration in decision-making processes. 

CLPMR Bodies 

  • The mobilization committee provides context to and receives guidance from decisions made by the AGM. Committee members participate in organizing actions and preparing tools for activities (pamphlets, banners, posters, etc.); 
  • Members of the bulletin committee organize each edition of the Locataire and distribute over a hundred copies at Mont-Royal metro after each printing; 
  • The Institution des Sourdes committee, composed of many members of the Deaf community, meets every 6 weeks and works to develop social housing on the site of the former Institution des Sourdes; 
  • The CLPMR sends a delegation composed of staff and members to each annual general meeting or Congress of the FRAPRU and the RCLACQ. The preparation and participation of these bodies, lasting one to two days, helps everyone better understand issues on the ground in different areas of Quebec, connect with the issues in our neighbourhood, and work with other housing committees using a province-wide perspective; 

Each of these committees encourages the CLPMR’s democratic life, improving its strength and solidarity! 

Become a Member 

To become a member, simply fill out the designated form and contact us via email or phone.