Board of Directors

What are the roles and responsibilities of the CLPMR Board? 

  • The development and application of the corporation’s policies; 
  • The preparation, adoption, and oversight over the annual operating budget; 
  • Representing the corporation; 
  • The pursuit of the corporation’s mission by developing and organizing any financial or social activity justifying the existence of the latter in the area where it has chosen to establish itself. 
  • Hiring all staff needed for the smooth functioning of the corporation’s mission. 
  • The development of an executive committee, the definition of its mandate and all oversight. 
  • In accordance with the organization’s constitution, members of the Board of Directors can delegate any official powers except those that it must necessarily perform or those requiring approval from the corporation’s membership. Officers of the Board also have powers as determined by the law or their roles. In case of absence, incapacity, refusal to act or any other reason deemed sufficient, the members of the Board of Directors can exceptionally and temporarily delegate the powers of an officer to any other officer. 
  • The creation or dissolution of any committee considered useful to the corporation’s activities. Committee creations and dissolutions must be approved by the AGM as quickly as possible. 
  • The suspension or expulsion of any member who does not respect the goals, objectives or operations of the corporation following a written warning. The Board may readmit any suspended or expelled member. 
  • Taking any necessary measures to allow the corporation to solicit, accept or receive donations and bequests of any kind, with the goal of promoting the corporation’s objectives. 

Board members: 

President: Jean-Bernard Addor 

Vice-President: Vincent Gariépy

Secretary: Annie Legault

Treasurer: Olivier Roy Rivard 

Member Director: Norman Laforce

Member Director: Montserrat Emperador Badimon

Member Director: Juliette Côté-Turcotte