To highlight the inherently collective aspect of housing problems, we offer community workshops on different topics. These workshops encourage people to get involved by raising awareness on the social and political aspects of different problems experienced in the community. It’s always interesting to share thoughts in the context of a large group and within a popular education framework.  

Here are the different workshops offered throughout the year: 

Workshop on rent increases: Have you received a notice of rent increase? Did you know that you can refuse an excessive rent increase? The workshop on rent increases will help you to determine whether or not the rent increase is excessive. 

Workshop on repossessions and evictions: Does your landlord want to repossess your housing unit for themselves or to provide housing for a family member? Does your landlord want to evict you to enlarge a dwelling, divide it or change its destination? As a tenant, you have rights. If you have received a notice of repossession or eviction, this workshop will provide you with all the information you need to face this situation head-on. 

Workshop on social housing: The CLPMR regularly offers a workshop that provides all necessary information about different kinds of social housing: HLMs, co-ops and housing NPOs. You will learn about the various steps to take in your search for social housing.  

Bed bug prevention workshop: Bed bugs are a huge issue throughout the Plateau Mont-Royal borough. This workshop takes you through the steps to take when you have bed bugs. Participants will also be able to share their experiences during this session, free of judgment. We are flexible when it comes to the length of this workshop.  

Airbnb workshop: The CLPMR offers a comprehensive workshop on Airbnb’s harmful effects on our neighbourhoods. We’ll discuss how Airbnb directly affects the availability of rental housing, tenant rights and the right to the city. Airbnb is destroying our living spaces!  

Myths and realities workshop: Renting in the private sector exposes us to the possibility of having an abusive landlord. By staying informed and knowing our rights as tenants, we can defend them! There are many urban legends when it comes to housing—do you know how to distinguish myth from reality?  

We also offer workshops to partner community organizations!  

Do the people who use your organization’s services have questions about their tenant rights? Do some of your members or volunteers have bed bugs and don’t know which steps to take? 

The Comité logement du Plateau Mont-Royal offers workshops on tenant rights, bed bug prevention and social housing to allied groups and partners. We can come to you to present these informative workshops. They’re free and open to everyone.  

Keep in mind that we can offer any of the workshops mentioned above. We can also provide information tables at your events!  

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