Bed Bug Prevention

Together Against Bed Bugs 

Rental housing in the Plateau Mont-Royal is aging—six out of ten units were built over 60 years ago. Regular wear and tear, combined with poor maintenance and a densely populated area, have led to hygiene and safety issues, such as bed bug infestations. The CLPMR has continued its awareness campaign to address the problem by distributing flyers, holding informative workshops in community organizations, and digitizing tools that advise tenants on how to get rid of bed bugs. A series of fact sheets, available in French and English, and a video were created to instruct tenants in the immediate actions to be taken.   

What are the results of all this work? 

Greater sensitivity in the local area on the issue of bedbugs  

A better understanding of how bed bugs spread;  

More tools at tenants’ disposal when dealing with their landlord, the borough or the Tribunal du logement; 

Streamlined administrative procedures from the borough that tenants need to follow; 

A change of attitude among landlords—some are more diligent; 

Intervention strategies developed by the borough, such as conducting thorough and collaborative visits in buildings that pose problems. 

With the financial support from the CIUSSS, the CLPMR established an intersectoral committee that brings together the City of Montréal, the Plateau Mont-Royal borough, institutions and community organizations in the neighbourhood. These key actors work toward developing a joint and collaborative action strategy to control the bed bug problem in the borough. The project’s mission also includes providing extermination support to vulnerable individuals. The CLPMR has provided an overall portrait on the bed bug issue in the Plateau Mont-Royal in line with the committee’s objectives, which also includes a list of neighbourhood resources.